Sunday, 24 November 2013

Encaustic-Wax with Shawna Moore from USA

Still coming down from the clouds after my recent event in Melbourne with a master of this medium. THANK YOU   THANK YOU   THANK YOU  Shawna Moore

Here she is sharing lots of her experience & demonstrating some fine techniques with R&F encaustic paints & oil sticks.   Wow what colours there are !



I am so happy I managed to overcome many challenges of a workshop situation to discover my own painterly style once again. A bit reminicent  of the Aussie expressionist artist Andrew Sibley whose work I've always  admired !

My strong desire to develop this amazing medium further was made possible by Shawna's encouragement along with subtle methods she demonstrated so well.

Probably what made it even better was the experience of being in Fitzroy for 5 days. All the historical character buildings and so many interesting & individual shops. 




Our workshop studio in Fitzroy Melbourne

Happy artist Amanda

Great efforts go into arty Fitzroy shopfronts & the shops are all different

Just a taste of some streets around Fitzroy

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Sharing some of my dyeing & sewing achievements from the last week after my exhibition !  

Developing Karim Klothing further so appreciate your feedback

Last week I made this dress from some of my dyed crepe silk pieces 

I think I'll have to keep this one myself as it feels great with one my seude wrap belts   

    I also did my screen print over one of the large scarves that I dyed magenta & red

Pretty pleased with this nightdress I sewed together from the 2 scarves

Can't wait to give it to my friend's daughter for her honeymoon

Looks good even from the inside.   It's so easy so now I need to make lots more  !

Couldn't let any dye go to waste, so I recyled an old white skirt 

Pity it's too small for me now & have to give it to my daughter

Monday, 2 September 2013

Our ' Branching Out ' EXHIBITION is a big success

Here are some pics before we had nearly 300 people through over 3 days 

@ Richard Randall Studio, Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens in Toowong, Brisbane

View from front counter & my display of KarimKlothing 

I was amazed to meet a couple with the middle eastern surname KARIM which means 'generous'

My Encaustic-Wax artworks on the back wall - SOLD seven pieces

Our hanging discs displayed at the front window with some real birds nests found

My sister Pam Black's artworks - SOLD


Sandra Pearce's colourful 'Pods' display
( sorry I'm unable to portray it the right way up )

My triptych painting 'I Spy' - SOLD

More snippets of our show to follow soon 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Exhibition this weekend

 Be  there  or  be  square

This coming weekend Friday 30 August to Sunday 1 September  I’m having an exhibition with fellow artists Sandra Pearce and Pam Black @ Richard Randall Art Studio at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, Toowong.

I’ll be launching my range of hand-dyed silk clothing as well as exhibiting my new dynamic series of encaustic-wax paintings.

Also featuring a variety of paintings, series of mono-prints, artists books along with a treasure trove of creative handmade pieces for sale.

All three of us will be on site 10am - 4pm everyday, so I hope to see you there !

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Encaustic paint turns to water

                                        Starting to make my ideas happen now !

 'Mangrove Channel' - Diptych almost finished
See below how it developed

Firstly my ink painting on rice paper was glued to 2 ply boards.

Applied clear wax medium, some shellac & burnt areas with the torch.

I had a vision of what it was, so I decided to develop this composition.
Next added more paint medium colours & fused with the heat gun.

I even added an image of splashing water over rocks
Drew some tree details with my Encaustic Wax hot tool.
Then put some shellac on some areas & burnt with a blow torch 

see first image

'Channels' is a small example of moving wax paint around with heat

Earlier works 'Meandering Pair' was when my fascination with aerial views began.
I rubbed on soft pastels, fused lightly & added more wax paint.
Texture was created with simple drops of wax paint

Amazing how these encaustic pieces come up when you buff with a soft cloth ! 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Encaustic wax is so versatile

I'm just lovin this dynamic medium as I explore so many techniques

This is a taste of some smaller pieces I'm working on for my exhibition in 6 weeks time

The only problem I have now is naming over 20 works

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Shibori dyeing fun turns into my "KarimKlothing" label

Now to give you a little glimpse of what I have been developing with my Shibori dyed scarves & sarongs.  Thanks to my daughter Chaille who models my designs so well. 

                    Make sure you look out for the launching in September this year. 

This top is made from two Indigo dyed CrepeDeChine silk scarves sewn together

This flattering strappy top is made from one large Indigo dyed CrepeDeChine silk scarf

This caftan is a wool & silk sarong dyed with my all time favourite colour Chartreuse.
Black dye was hand spotted on the stitch resist areas.

Another large silk scarf on the cross with straps added & joined @ back

This top is made from two dyed silk scarves sewn together on the cross with straps attached to a ring. 
The screen print on the front was taken from one of my figure drawings

Funky dress made with two large dyed CDC silk scarves joined.
I used silk paints on the resist rectangle shapes for contrast colour.
I would love some feedback so please make sure you send a comment

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Screen printing revisited with the Black Water Dragon


I discovered another fabulous Golden product to work with !  
           So I just added some Golden fluid paints for colour

I printed my Dragon from last year over some Indigo dyed silk scarves done earlier

What is really cool is that you can have smaller amounts of any colour you want 
& leaves you with a fairly soft handle. 

After heat fixing & hand washing to fully check the result, out came the old Bernina 

Success !  so here I am wearing it and I just can't wait to do more

This is really what I'm looking for to develop my range of clothing with small runs

Keep posted to see my new label develop with unique dyed & printed silks