Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Encaustic Wax 2017 Workshops & classes Qld Australia

Learn what the B U Z Z is all about 

Next 2017 Workshops Queensland

Making art is not self-indulgent brings you alive !

Weekends - 23/24 Sept & 28/29 Oct  2017 (10am - 4pm) Cost - $ 250                                             
Earlier succesful workshops - 8/9 April & 20/21 May 

Note: One day only is possible if sufficient numbers attend   Cost - $ 130

Wednesday Classes -  27 Sept 2017 --> Cost - $ 80 a session (mornings 10am-1pm)
* Fee includes waxes, equipment & most materials 
Please be aware we work with hot waxes
* Some experience with mixed media or painting is preferred 
Max 6 students & min 2 for class to go ahead
Please don't hesitate to contact me for more info - 0455 721885 

My latest framed lightbox wax & ink painting on rice paper attached to perspex & backlit using LED strip lights

'In A Swirl' lightbox painting 900cm x 600cm hung at Petrie Terrace Art Gallery 

Same painting not switched on

Detail of 'In A Swirl' lightbox painting above

               Some earlier experiments  

Early stage of 'Island Swirls' - 90cm x 60cm

Early stage of 'In A Swirl' - 90cm x 60 cm

Detail of above piece on rice paper

Small tryout piece with inks, dyes & wax resist

Interesting play with splitting colours in ink