Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Encaustic paint turns to water

                                        Starting to make my ideas happen now !

 'Mangrove Channel' - Diptych almost finished
See below how it developed

Firstly my ink painting on rice paper was glued to 2 ply boards.

Applied clear wax medium, some shellac & burnt areas with the torch.

I had a vision of what it was, so I decided to develop this composition.
Next added more paint medium colours & fused with the heat gun.

I even added an image of splashing water over rocks
Drew some tree details with my Encaustic Wax hot tool.
Then put some shellac on some areas & burnt with a blow torch 

see first image

'Channels' is a small example of moving wax paint around with heat

Earlier works 'Meandering Pair' was when my fascination with aerial views began.
I rubbed on soft pastels, fused lightly & added more wax paint.
Texture was created with simple drops of wax paint

Amazing how these encaustic pieces come up when you buff with a soft cloth ! 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Encaustic wax is so versatile

I'm just lovin this dynamic medium as I explore so many techniques

This is a taste of some smaller pieces I'm working on for my exhibition in 6 weeks time

The only problem I have now is naming over 20 works