Saturday, 16 March 2013

Encaustic wax is growing in Australian art

       Now I'm working towards a shared exhibition " BRANCHING OUT " later this year.
                                  This is the start of my "Tree of Life" series of Encaustic works.
                             A common thread used in connecting the many mediums on show.
'Life Branches' 30cm x 30cm
Encaustic mixed media & monotype print over pastel drawing on board 

'Life Forming'  30cm x 30cm
Encaustic mixed media on coloured tissue on board

'Dreamcatcher' 30m x 30cm (work in progress)
Encaustic monotype print over pastel drawing & photo

Hope you like what you see
Keep posted on further developments

Monday, 11 March 2013


ATASDA's goal is to keep members interested, involved and inspired!

          Noela Mills workshop last weekend certainly suceeded in doing just that
                              Some of the girls taking it all in at this workshop                                  

                             'FRAGMENTS OF FABRIC TO BEAUTIFUL BOOKS’ 

                                          What was it all about you may ask
Have you ever wondered what to do with your gorgeous samples and scraps of fabric - too precious to throw away, but too small to use for anything else?
How about compiling them into a book format to keep them safe and to use them for future reference?
Using your workshop samples and special scraps, and all manner of textile techniques, including patchwork, pojagi, embellishing, embroidery, drawing, designing, felting and fusing, create easy and individual bound artist's books, with bindings of driftwood, woven threads, cords, beads and Japanese stab bindings. 

                                                  This is my little "Dragonfly Book"                                       

    A collection of different fabric pieces that had been dyed, printed, sewn & waxed.
The dyed silk cover has been coated with shellac & bound onto a unique driftwood piece.

                   Here below is the start of another idea of mine with my fabric pieces.

                 A hanging scroll that I will play with some free motion sewing in the future

         These fabric pieces were way too gorgeous to throw away

           Thanks to Noela for sharing her wealth of knowledge with design & textiles, 
                                       I am so much more connected with fabrics