Friday, 28 August 2015

Encaustic Wax classes

                                    2015  -  Upcoming CLASSES &  WORKSHOPS

Workshop weekends  10am - 4pm both days

Encaustic-Wax  Foundations Weekends - 10/11 October & 14/15 November 

Encaustics & Paper (day only)  -  Sun 30 August  & Sat 24 Oct

Classes: Start Wed 1st April  9.30am – 12.30pm  Note: Other days may also be available soon     Please enquire for further info or private classes          

Where:   'ART  'n  WAX'  STUDIO  Queensland 

 From $60 - 3 hr group class ( min 2 sessions)                                                       

Wax mediums & most materials are included in fee

Contact:  Ph:  07 33744608  &  0455 721885


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Encaustic-Wax medium made with Parrafin & white Microcrystaline

Detail of 'up & Down' using this medium in July which can melt @ higher temperature 

Detail of my latest work 'Torn' combining EncausticWax & rice paper prints

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Encaustic painting workshop was BUZZING

Happy students creating in the ART 'n WAX studio recently

                             Some great outcomes playing with wax textures & shellac

                               Interesting effects combining mixed media & gold pigment

Look out for my next classes & workshops in Brisbane with this amazing medium

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Encaustic Wax painting studio classes in Australia 2015

ART 'n WAX studio now open for Autumn classes & workshops

Contact Jacki Archibald - 0455 721885

Continuing with my figures & water theme
Close up of painting below showing the effects of wax texture 

Latest piece 'True Blue' (1220 x 810) almost finished

Not any old iron but one used for skis & snow boards

Cool different wax effects created with my new iron

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Some happy encaustic art outcomes

Selected paper artworks resulting from playing in my studio this last week while cyclone Marcia was hanging around 

Studio hotplate set up for using Encaustic wax with papers

Aptly named 'Eye of the Storm' Rice paper 46cm square  

'Wild Seas' Rice paper 46cm square

'Greener Pastures'


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Encaustics spreading in Australia - classes & workshops 2015


      with  Jacki Archibald


2015  -  Upcoming CLASSES &  WORKSHOPS

Workshop weekends  10am - 4pm both days

Encaustic-Wax  Foundations Weekends - 5/6 Sept & 10/11 Oct

Encaustics & Paper (day only)  -  Sun 30 August  & Sat 24 Oct

Classes: Start Wed 1st April  9.30am – 12.30pm  Note: Other days may also be available soon                 

Costs:   From $60 - 3 hr group class ( min 2 sessions)                                                       

Please enquire for one day & weekend workshops or further info 


 BIA @ WIndsor  weekend 23/24 May -

2. ATASDA @ Tarragindi  Sat 28 June -
3. Kenilworth Arts Festival 28 Sept - 2 Oct -

Contact:  Ph:  07 33744608  &  0455 721885


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