Saturday, 23 April 2016

Encaustics in Provincetown USA 2016

I'm so lucky to be going on my first USA trip & to this amazing event in Cape Cod 


In anticipation I've had some fun & frustration working on this painting 

" Lands Waxy End " to take with me to get feedback at a workshop 

An old map became inspiration for my work 

An interesting read of this amazing place

Postcards I've done to sell @ Conference to raise money for scholarships

Monday, 11 April 2016

ENCAUSTIC painting is a mystery

Is this a sky landscape or an underwater scene ?
Can you find the mystery woman hidden in here ?
'Immersion' is my latest Encaustic-Wax painting - 124cm x 92cm

Detail 1 shows moving layers of wax colours with heat gun

Detail 2 shows built up textures with wax

Detail 3 shows incising out & rubbing bitumen over

One of many stages this painting went through 

It all started with a drawing, rust & wax on papers